Today is Monday the Nineteenth Day of January 2015—Martin Luther King Day and With That a Week to Launch

Launch Your Week by

  • Putting Your Home Back into Order after the Weekend
  • imageCleaning Your Toilets
  • Checking for Needed Personal, Paper, and Cleaning Supplies and Adding Those Items to Your Shopping List

The Area of Focus from Today through Wednesday (19th-21st) is Your Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet. On Thursday , we move to the Front Porch, Entry, and Dining Room.

The One Small Area Challenges are in Your Bedroom—I am working around the room going through my closet and drawer. I have lost a little weight. A few weeks ago I went into my closet to get dressed for church and my clothes did not fit me. I had to try on 3 outfits before I could get ready for church. This led to a major purge. Then my husband and son took me shopping in Williamsburg. My son gave me the evil eye whenever I picked up some things that he said were aging me. He then arranged for my daughter who is somewhat fashion forward to go back to Williamsburg with him and me and revamp my wardrobe. It was a very fun day. I spent way more money than I intended to and now have to wrap my head around some changes in the way I dress. My goal is to look nice and age appropriate while remaining modest. For those of you who think of leggings as outer wear—I don’t care what people say—keep your posterior covered. Also, I wore a top to church yesterday and the cowl neck wanted to be way more revealing than I like. If every time you bend over people can see straight through to your shoes—get rid of the top. That top will be donated today—I don’t care what a great color it is, that it’s a name brand or any other reason I could have to keep it. I didn’t feel comfortable in it because it showed to much of my chest so out it goes.

I had a wonderful day with my children and can’t wait to do it again. The best part was spending time with them. Their help in clothing choices took me out of my rut.

Even when your closet is orderly it will occasionally have to be purged. Sigh!
Even when your closet is orderly it will occasionally have to be purged. Sigh!

That said, the One Small Area challenge each day this week are the dressers and closet in your room. Take your time and make sure everything fits, is clean, and in good repair. That means trying much of it on. I also am removing clothes that I have not worn in the past several months. I had put brightly colored stickers that are used for pricing for yard sales on each hanger. Each time I wore an outfit I removed the sticker from the hanger it was on. I took a good, hard look at the things that I had not worn considered why I had not worn them. They are together in one place and I will use them or lose them in the next two weeks. I will also go through my shoes.

I am keeping some of my older less to my children’s standards (the two who went shopping with me are 33 and 35—my youngest!) for wearing when I clean and work in the house and yard. Some clothes are being put away until my weight stabilizes and then I may have them tailored to fit me. They were some of my most expensive clothes that I truly loved. If I still truly love them in a couple of months I will look for a reasonably priced tailor remembering that we often get what we pay for.

Bottom line—be brutal in going through your closet, drawers, and shoes. When replacing clothes that no longer fit, are not modest, the wrong color, make you miserable when you wear them or are just plain worn out—take care to find the best quality you can afford that genuinely fits. Make sure you are comfortable and can move in the clothes. Don’t be 10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound bag.

One of my favorite dusters is a paintbrush! It's great for lampshades and getting into cracks and crevices. Make sure the bristles are soft
One of my favorite dusters is a paintbrush! It’s great for lampshades and getting into cracks and crevices. Make sure the bristles are soft

Tomorrow is Tuesday—Duster Dance Day. The Area of Focus will still be the bedroom, bathroom, and closet. Remember your One Small Area Challenge will continue through the week so keep decluttering, organizing, and deep cleaning that area. You have two additional days to finish in your clothes and shoes storage areas.

Martin Luther King was an incredible man. He was a minister. He saw and confronted injustice with honor and integrity. He lost his life in the process but he changed this country for the better. We are in danger of losing that change today. Reverend was seeking justice and freedom for all people without regard to the color of their skin. When one group of people is trying to put down another, the group that is being put down will eventually resist being put down. We need to see each other as created in the image of God and treat each other with honor. We need to stop seeking pay back and call someone names whenever they disagree with us. We need to deal with issues and not personalities. Yes, black lives matter, but so do the lives of police officers, the unborn, the handicapped, the young, the old, the sick, the mentally impaired. Life matters because it is given by God. We must honor each other or we will destroy this society. We need to begin by truly honoring God because if we honor God we will honor His creation. Our standard is God not the way others act. We were challenged in church yesterday to treat others including our spouses and children and people we encounter who are less than edifying consistently with honor for the next month.  Are you in? Will you try? And when we fail, and we will, will we pick ourselves up and continue the effort?

Love and Hugs,



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