Today is Thursday the Twenty-Second Day of January 2015 –Floor Day.

Thursday is Floor Day
Thursday is Floor Day

While you give a little more attention to the flooring in your Area of Focus, the other areas are not given slipshod attention but don’t make cleaning the floors a career. Sweep or vacuum and then mop. Just get it done.  Like on Duster Dance Day, some happy music makes it a little more fun.

From the 22nd to the 28th the Area of Focus is The Front Porch, The Entry (or Foyer), and the Dining Room.  Your Area of Focus is the area where you concentrate your efforts for 5 or 6 days at a time. Sundays are for rest–worship, family, friends and planning the next week.  Saturday is Family Fun Day—play or work as a family. This is the day for working IMG_0001together in your children’s rooms or closet, making the rec room less of a wreck, the playroom, or the yard. Children need to learn to work effectively. Yes, it takes more time but the payoff over the years is great. You are not doing your children any favor if you won’t let them help you because it will take more time. Take the time to teach.

Don’t forget to shop your home—

  • Would you buy this item today? If you would not—get rid of it.
  • Does this item need to be replaced with something more functional? Put it on your shopping list until you can afford it.
  • Do I have too many of these? When we are disorganized, we cannot find things we need regularly, so we buy more. As you declutter and organize you will find an excess of some items. When you have one in each area where it is used give away or donate your excess. An example would be scissors, I have scissors throughout my home –in each desk, with my craft supplies, in my kitchen, in the laundry. I no longer have an excess. I have given so many pens and pencils away and thrown away many that do not work. If you use a pen and it does not work—throw it out, don’t put it away and be frustrated over and over again when it doesn’t work.

Remember your decluttering categories—

  • Put away (sometimes somewhere else)
  • Give away (to a friend who actually wants it or to charity)
  • Throw away (if it is trash—it’s trash)
  • Return to owner—return books, tools, and other items borrowed from friends and family

Set your timer and work a little at a time.

Love and Hugs,



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