Laundry Room/Area Cleaning Checklist

  • Laundry Area
    Laundry Area

    Have you cleaned the cobwebs? (M)

  • Have you cleaned the light fixtures? (M)
  • Clean woodwork and marks on wall
  • Have you wiped down woodwork and removed marks on walls?(M)
  • Have you cleaned windows and window treatment?(M)
  • Have you check laundry supplies—detergent, stain treatment, fabric softener? (W before shopping)
  • Have you wiped down washer, dryer and any sinks or countertops?(M)
  • Have you cleaned the lint filter? (After each load)
  • Have you checked behind washer and dryer for escaped clothing/linens?(S)
  • Have you put away clothes? (Whenever you do laundry)
  • Have you set time to do mending and ironing? (W)
  • Have you emptied the trash can? (W or as needed)
  • Have you mopped the floor? (W)








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