(We homeschooled through most of elementary and middle school in the 80’s and 90’s. This is the first part of our family handbook.)

Paitsel Family Handbook

For a family to function smoothly and happily, there need to be guidelines and rules.   These rules are to each of us know what to do in any situation without constant reminders.


  1. The first family rule is love. Whatever we say, think, or do should be done in love.
  2. Our most important relationship is with God.  Every other relationship is governed by our relationship with God.
  3. To know God we must give His Word priority in our lives. Each day we need to read the Bible and pray.
  4. The first things we do in the morning:
    1. Get up and say “Good Morning!” to the Lord.
    2. Get dressed appropriately.
    3. Make my bed and clean my room.
    4. Eat a good breakfast.
    5. Do my morning chores.
  1. IMG_0001Our work, whether school work, housework, or any other type of work should be done well and the very best we can do.
  2. Our work is not done if Mom is still working.  When we complete our work, we ask Mom what we can do to help.
  3. We need to concentrate on our schoolwork during school hours. (9-3)
  4. No TV until school work and housework are done.
  5. We cannot have guests when our rooms are not in order or when our work (school or household) is not done.
  6.  We dress neatly and modestly.
    1. We take good care of our clothing and all our possessions
    2. In church we wear the best we can to honor God.
    3. Our clothing goes into the laundry as soon as we take it off, if it is dirty.  If it is clean we need to hang it in the closet.
    4. We are responsible for our own ironing and hand laundry.
    5. Our hair is kept clean and well groomed.  We take good care of our teeth and nails.
  7. Television, movies, or music we chose to watch or listen to should not have values offensive to our Lord including language that is crude.
  8. Toys and other possessions should not be left in the yard or the car.
  9. Our allowance is to last for two weeks. We are to give 10% of our allowance to church.
  10. We tell the truth in love.
  11. We are not critical of family members or friends.
  12. We do not speak of anyone unless we have something good to say.
  13. The Paitsel young adults are responsible for cleaning the kitchen after dinner.
  14. We are each responsible to clean up after ourselves in the kitchen and bathroom,  we need to take our personal items with us to our rooms when we go to bed at night.
  15. Our pets are to be well cared for and have food, water, and a clean place to live.
  16. The Rules of the House, Rules for Young Friends and Uncommon Courtesy are always in effect.
  17. We answer the telephone politely. If someone calls while we are on the phone we answer quickly after excusing ourselves to our friends.  Adults have telephone priority.
  18. Never make a long distance call without permission. (This was a different time when we paid for long distance calls on our land lines (no cell phones them) by the minute.
  19. Never borrow another family member’s possessions without their permission.  Return the items in good condition as soon as you are finished with them.
  20. Bedtime for Summer is 10:00 PM, Amy is 9:30 PM, Roger is 9:00. You are to be in bed asleep at that time unless you have permission to stay up later.

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