What Makes All the Difference?
Simply stated–Attitude.

IMG_0194Every day I see intelligent, wonderful people defeating themselves before they even begin with their attitude. If you believe you cannot–you can’t. If you believe because something has always been that way nothing will ever change–it won’t. If you do not appreciate your gifts and talents–who and what you are–as a gift from God to be enjoyed and shared you, will always feel you are less than you are.

I have done many things in my lifetime but what I treasure most is the privilege of being a wife and mom. I love caring for my family and that includes caring for my family by caring for my home. I am not just a housewife–I am not married to my home. I have freedom to be creative, to invest my time and talents both in my home and in my community. What I can gift to others by my service is a joy to me.

Do not, do not, do not regard as worthless what God has created good. Do not devalue and dishonor your husband and children by devaluing what you are doing for them.

I no longer seek for self-confidence. I seek God confidence. I know I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13) I am defined by my Creator and not by my ethnicity, my heritage, my education, and not even my past. I am in the continual process of being transformed by God. Neither failure, nor success is permanent. I have a day of opportunity before me. I will not give up. Even if I cannot do everything, I can do something.

I have failed more than I have succeeded, but I refuse to be defined by my failures. Failure is only permanent if I quit. I can get up when I fall, and move forward.

What I do not know, I can learn. I was not born organized. In fact, I have a strong bent toward sloppy. I have learned to be organized by reading, by studying, by putting into practice what I have learned. What has worked for me I have kept. What has not, I tweak or release. I am now fairly knowledgeable about home organization and time management as well as caring for my home because I did not quit.

I am naturally very shy and an introvert. I was the girl in the corner with my nose in a book. I have made a point of learning to smile, look people in the eye, and talk to people. I have watched my friends who socialize naturally. I seek out opportunities where I can learn people’s names and have an opportunity to chat with others. I often feel awkward but I don’t want this to keep me from getting to know and serve other people.

I am not holding myself up as a paragon. It is easiest for me to share my experience. I know how very ordinary I am and I know that is God who has gifted me with whatever makes me more than ordinary. Who needs credit when we have a good God who will bring us through when we trust Him?
Challenges are what develop our spiritual, mental, emotional, relational and physical muscles. Embrace them.

We have a good God. Our perspective is not all there is. God has a plan for all of us that encompasses eternity. To relate all of our lives only to ourselves does not serve anyone well. You are meant to be an agent for good in the lives of everyone around you. If you want to compete, compete in showing love and service. Compete in building people up instead of tearing them down, compete in knowing God, by knowing God’s Word and spending time with Him. Compete in doing good and not evil.
If you change your attitude, you will change your life. You can do this. You absolutely can do this! You only fail if you quit. Begin now.


6 thoughts on “What Makes All the Difference?

  1. I’ve been following your blog for awhile, but I don’t comment. I had to comment on this to tell you “Thank you!!!!”. I read your post just now and it was like you were talking about me. I needed this! Thanks again!!

    1. Thank you, Sherry. We get trapped by our attitudes. This has been a struggle for me throughout my life and a hard learned lesson. You can do all things through Jesus who gives you strength. Remember, God-confidence is far more profitable than self-confidence.

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