SOAP for February 18, 2015 Leviticus—God’s Patterns

IMG_0351Scripture –Leviticus 7-8


God has patterns throughout His word. We see that the people had to present their gifts to the priests.

We see Moses anointing Aaron and his sons for serve

We see people bringing different types of sacrifices to the Lord—Guilt, Peace, Thanksgiving and Other Special sacrifices.

Every part of the Tabernacle had a purpose and a message.


I need to read and study God’s word to see the trail He has given us to lead me/us to Him.

The priest represented Jesus our High Priest—He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Him. (John 14:6)

For our own benefit, God wants us to honor Him. He is our Source of every good thing. We need to express worship , honor, and thanks to Him so we will know and recognize that we are not the source and there is One beyond ourselves.

The instructions and descriptions are not random or wordy but purposeful.


My Father,

Thank Your for Your word. Thank You for the patterns You have given us as a road map to You. Help me to see, to know, to comprehend what You are saying to us beyond what is on the surface.

I love You,



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