SOAP for February 23, 2015 God Speaking in Leviticus


Leviticus 20-22

Observation and Application

20:5-6 Worshipping other God’s in these cases by sacrificing to them or consulting spiritualists is called spiritual prostitution. We are created by and for God and are “married” to Him. Going after other gods and forms of spirituality is unfaithfulness to the One to whom we truly belong.

20:8,22 “Keep My decrees by putting them into practice . . . keep all my decrees and regulations by putting them into practice. “ Don’t just mentally agree with God’s decrees and regulations. We demonstrate our commitment to God and His decrees and regulations by doing them, by putting them into practice.

God designates actions and attitudes as capital offenses to show how very seriously He considers them. The list of capital offenses are common behaviors today.

The list of capital offenses begins with dishonoring (speaking disrespectfully) of father and mother with the penalty of death.

Other capital offenses with the penalty of death by stoning or burning are: adultery; incest; homosexuality; practicing spirituality by acting as a medium or consulting the dead, and beastiality.

  1. 23—Do not live according to the customs of the people I am driving out before you. It is because they do these shameful things that I detest them.

God’s people are set apart from all other people and cannot behave in the same way as other people.

Priests, especially the high priest were held to an even higher standard of behavior.


My Father,

I want to live a life set apart to You. I do not want to go after other Gods or act in ways that separate me from You or dishonor You in any way. Help me to be holy. Help me to take seriously what You take seriously. Help me to value what you value. Thank You, that Jesus died to bring me forgiveness for sins I committed in ignorance. Help me to not knowingly sin.

I love You,



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