Each Tuesday’s Task—Tuesday is Duster Dance Day

  • My China Cabinet
    My China Cabinet

    Put on some happy music.

  • Grab your duster
    • Ostrich feather –chicken feather dusters are only fit for the wastebasket
    • Lambswool duster
    • Swiffer duster
    • Slightly dampen cloth with a second soft cloth to dry and polish
    • A soft paintbrush—use a size suitable for the job
  • Swipe down all the surfaces in your home
  • Allow your children to help with their own duster. They can take over the lower areas like the legs of furniture and baseboards
  • Children can also make a puppet out of an old cotton sock. Then the sock puppet can munch all the dust off the slats of your blinds. You can put a sock on each hand and let them kiss in the middle.

What we enjoy, we do well and what we do well, we enjoy. Do your work well and make it fun.


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