Begin Your Day the Night Before

Take principles you learn from the Bible and apply them in your life.
Take principles you learn from the Bible and apply them in your life.

When I was reading in Genesis I noticed that the day in creation was evening and morning.  I was struggling with getting going in the morning so I decided to begin my day the night before just as in the day God designed.

Some of the things we can do to begin our day the night before are:

  • Walk through your home and put it in order before you go to bed
    • Pick up any trash
    • Put away anything out of place from the toys your children have been playing with to the clothes and jewelry you take off to the remotes to your computer. Start tomorrow with a clean slate.
    • Put any dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
    • Put any dirty clothes in the laundry (Start a load first thing in the morning)
  • Review the calendar—what do you have to do tomorrow? What can you do to prepare now?
    • If you are heading out the door tomorrow morning, what do you need to take with you?
    • What’s for breakfast? Set the table and put any items that don’t need refrigeration out ready to use.
    • What are you going to wear? What are your children going to wear? If your husband desire your help in selecting his clothing, what is he going to wear?
    • Help your children to develop a bedtime plan that includes laying out their clothes, putting their room in order, and making sure that what they need to take with them if they are going out the door is ready to go. If they school at home, are their books and materials ready for the morning?
  • Make decisions about meals early instead of waiting for the last minute and then digging in the pantry. A cycle menu will save lots of time. Make adjustments as needed to use up leftovers and anything else that emerges.

So now,

  • you will wake up to a clean home,
  • Your kitchen is waiting for you to put the final touches on breakfast,
  • Your clothes are waiting for you
  • Your children know what they are wearing and don’t have to search
  • Anything you need to get out the door is ready and waiting
  • If you are at home that day you are ready to start the day.

Make this a habit and then teach it to your children.

Love and Hugs,


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