Take principles you learn from the Bible and apply them in your life.
Take principles you learn from the Bible and apply them in your life.

I had originally not planned to go to Bible Study because before we had a series of snow days that has extended the Bible Study class schedule, I scheduled a doctor’s appointment. Well, I was asked to substitute for another teacher who is out of town and if I can ever humanly be available to lead a Bible Study I will do it—so my schedule is packed a little tighter than I want.

So far at 7:30 I have.

  • Gotten up, showered, and fixed my hair
  • Made sure the house is in order
  • Put what I need near the front door
  • Cleaned out the fridge (it’s trash day)
  • Had Quiet Time and reviewed the video for today

Next I have to

  • Get dressed
  • Someone (aka my husband) is still sleeping so the bed may not get made
  • Pick up my dry cleaning
  • Meet with someone at church before Bible Study
  • Lead the study
  • Head off to the doctor’s office
  • Have my eyebrows waxed
  • Go to the gym
  • Pick up my grandson and take him up to school for the Bard a thon
  • Enjoy the Bard a thon
  • Take my grandson home and get home around 9 tonight

This is what I call a too busy day. It happens sometimes but I cannot allow it to happen too often and especially not every day. We need to allow breathing time in between our commitments. If today’s schedule were a more regular occurrence, I would need to cut about half of these things out other than getting up and cleaned up, having Quiet Time, and making sure my home is in order. Those basics need to happen every day.

If I had known that I was going to be teaching today, I would have scheduled the doctor’s appointment for another day. When I am teaching, I want my head and my heart clear. My Quiet Time this morning has me ready for the day, but I cannot expect to overschedule regularly and have peace in my heart, and my head.

Overscheduling and over-commitment are a major problem today. There is way too much schedule clutter and so our life with God, and our families, as well as caring for our home are all neglected. All too often we let those difficult to get appointments with doctors and even our hair dresser and nail technician usurp the time we need to be in Bible Study or in other things that support what we call priorities. We are taking my grandson to his school activity because he did not let his mom know and she has a much postponed meeting at that time. Planning time each week is needed for planning time throughout the week. If we back into our schedule we are not managing our lives, our lives are managing us.

The most, most, most important things in our lives are not things, they are relationships. First of all our relationship with God, and then our relationship with our husband, our children and grandchildren, and the other people God has given us to love. If you are routinely too busy for time with God, for family worship in your home and at church, for your husband, and for your children, you are too busy and something needs to change –FAST. You need time to hug, to listen, to pray, to care. You need time to bless the people around you and be a blessing. If you are continually running here and there you are cooperating with the enemies plan to steal your life. STOP. Consider your life. Consider your commitments and reorder what is out of place.

  1. A personal relationship with the Lord that governs your life.
  2. Your best friendship with your husband. Doing him good and not evil all the days of his life.
  3. Your best momship with your children. Loving them enough to do the hard things. Taking time to teach them and communicate what is important in life.
  4. Then time for being a good representative for the Lord wherever you go and in every relationship and transaction.

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