Michael and Nicholas
Michael and Nicholas

Yesterday I had trouble connecting to the internet and was unable to post. My priority, though, is my daughter and her family. They are preparing to move in the next month and I am working hard to help her get ready for the move. Yesterday I tackled the laundry and the bathrooms. My daughter is dealing with the end of the quarter at work and we picked up the boys from school and daycare. The two hour time difference and high altittude are a challenge for me but by the time Summer and Paul take their 5 day vacation while we are here, I should be used to the time difference and thinner air. Reminder: Don’t wait until you are ready for a move to get rid of clutter and do maintenance on your home. One of my friends was surprised by the way I pack. I have a shelf in my closet and whenever I find anything that needs to travel with me I put it on the shelf. I make sure all my clothes are clean and in good repair–that is the norm for me. If anything is not clean and in good repair as well as wrinkle free, it’s not in the closet. You should be able to reach in your closet and pull out anything and be able to wear it. If that is not true, it’s time for you to give your closet major attention.  Put a major closet overhaul on your calendar for between the 16th and the 23rd when your Area of Focus is your bedroom. closet, and bath. Well, I am working in the kitchen today. I will empty one cabinet or closet at a time and replace only what belongs there. I noticed that my daughter is using some prime cabinet space for nonessentials. Prime space is the space most easily reached.  Designate each area for a purpose and put only those items in that space that are appropriate for the purpose. Again, ask yourself, “If I were looking for this item, where would I expect to find it. Again, my priority for the next month is my family in Lehi, Utah. I will post when I can but the rhythm of the week and the Areas of Focus remain unchanged. You don’t need me to do this. If you ever have any specific questions about any challenge, I would always be happy to find an answer for you. Love and Hugs, Mary


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