Launch your week by:

  • Putting your home back into order after the weekend
  • Cleaning your toilets
  • Making note of any needed supplies–paper, personal, and cleaning–while you are in the bathroom

DSCN0041The Area of Focus today and tomorrow is your Living Room/Family Room. On Wednesday we move on to the Kitchen from the 8th to the 14th.

Did you plan your week and coordinate activities with your family yesterday–if not, how about tonight?

Have you dumped your memory onto a Master To Do List? Choose between one and three items each day to get off that list. When you have a To Do list, you can refer to it when you have a few extra minutes. Those things rattling around in your brain that need to be done are so frustrating–knock them out one by one.

My planner
My planner

You may not be able to get it all done but you can get some of it done. Be content with what you can do and do a little more tomorrow.

Remember, if my computer is down or my family priorities keep me from being here–the routines stay the same and will keep you going.


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