IMG_0075Over the next seven days focus on bringing order and beauty to your bedroom. A little time each day will make a difference.

Don’t put your room last on the list. Make it your sanctuary, your retreat for you and your husband. Don’t envy those lovely beds you see in the magazines. Create a beautiful and comfy bed as the centerpiece of your room.DSCN0055

Purge what is no longer useful (Purging does not mean tossing it out. Purging means letting go to another room, to another home, to charity, or wherever.)

Purge what is not lovely or what makes you miserable even if it is lovely.

As you work, maintain that work. Resolve to make your bed each day, to put away clothes, shoes and jewelry after you are done with them for the day. Resolve to keep flat surfaces (including the floor) clear of clutter.

What difference can you make in your room over the next week? I challenge you.


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