IMG_0271Dear Friends,

I have very mixed feelings as we prepare to travel home from Utah to Virginia. I am excited to get home to our Virginia family and friends but I am so sad to be leaving my daughter’s beautiful family behind.

Monday we will pack, have lunch with our daughter at the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point and then Roy and I will enjoy a leisurely ride around the gardens in a golf cart.

Tuesday morning at 4:30 am MST we will be headed to the airport for our flight home. My son assures me that our home is in good order except maybe there is some laundry (not much at all).

I have given a lot of thought about how I can be most helpful so in the ten days in the Files section of the Facebook page I am going to publish a calendar for the month of May with the Areas of Focus and the Daily Tasks.

I am trying to put together an outline to present my strategies for decluttering, organizing, cleaning and maintaining our home and family life as well as tips for dealing with each room and area in your home.

I have the very bad habit of thinking to take pictures after I have completed a project in my home. I hope to remember to take pictures as I go back through my home. I am hoping to do some fun projects like wallpapering my closet. After being away for a month I hope to do an area by area deep cleaning and share as I go.

By using a printable calendar for each month I hope to share whatever is on my heart on a regular but possibly not a daily basis, on all things home, family, faith, and fun.

Just now I am trying to keep it together as I realize these moments are my last with our grandchildren until next August. Being a grandmother is the best job in the world. Being a long distance grandmother carries some pain and this is true of all my grands. The youngest ones are so much more open to being fussed over though.

Keep us in your prayers as my father enters hospice care and Roy’s middle son is in very poor health.

Love and Hugs,



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