Keep those flat surfaces clear or put lovely things on them to discourage the dumping of stuff there.
Keep those flat surfaces clear or put lovely things on them to discourage the dumping of stuff there.

Each Monday take a few quick moments to put your home back in order after the weekend. Trash into the trash can, dishes into the dishwasher, laundry moving through your washer to the dryer to folded and put away. Beds made. Quickly with the aid of your young assistants (aka kids) put things back where they belong. When things begin to go pear shaped call a quick pickup throughout your home before they are too far gone.

Each Monday

  • Clean Your Toilets
  • Check Your Bathrooms for Any Needed Supplies—paper, personal or cleaning and add them to your shopping list for when you run errands.

I keep a pad of paper that is magnetized so I can stow it on my fridge on the counter in the kitchen and write down what I am going to need as I notice it. If someone asks me to pick up some after shave or toothpaste or their favorite snack, I ask them to write it on the list on the kitchen counter. I fight to keep a pen right there with the list so it will be easy.

Please don’t ever think that I think I am more together than you. Whenever I get it all together I forget where I put it. The truth is my mom did not teach me how to care for my home and I had to struggle to learn. I want to help you in that struggle but I have learned by being in the trenches of daily life with so many demands and what seemed like too little time.

Saturday at 6 am the phone rang. It was my almost 36 year old daughter. She had been awake since 3 am feeling terrible. Could I take her to Patient First when it opened at 8? I jumped up and began to make my bed when the phone rang again. Could I take her to the ER? She felt too terrible to wait.

Her 11 year old had spent the night at our home but Papa was here to look after him so I threw on my clothes, combed my hair and headed out the door.

I enjoyed being with my daughter for 5 hours in the ER and I am not being sarcastic. I enjoyed just being with her and chatting and trying to encourage her. When they released her around noon I drove her home and took my 14 yo grandson to his appointment to get his hair cut. Papa had taken the 11 yo home earlier so I returned home a little exhausted. We had a delightful commitment to share dinner with a group of friends that evening and I had promised bread and dessert. I got the ingredients for bread into my breadmaker and realized I would not have time to make the triple chocolate cake I had promised. (to be continued)


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