This past month I spent 3 weeks in Utah helping my daughter as she prepared to move and took a well-deserved work/pleasure trip to a resort off the coast of Antigua (sigh!). I did laundry, shopped, cooked, cleaned, organized, and helped care for the two most darling little boys in the world (grandma talk). It was a great reminder of what many of you deal with each day. When I got home I hit the ground running—dealing with unpacking, laundry, mail, family and other commitments.

I realized that sometimes we need to step back and allow ourselves time to be renewed. So over the past few days I slowed waaaay down. I still made my bed, kept the dishes up to date and the kitchen counters clear, and I am doing laundry as I write this. BUT I have not dusted, vacuumed, or mopped. I went into maintenance mode. I am not allowing everything to become a shambles around me but I am taking a deep breath and enjoying my God, my husband, my home,  and my family—enjoying life.

Yesterday we visited Boulevard Flowers, my favorite nursery. It just feeds my soul to be there. I got a couple of ferns and a floral hanging basket for the front porch. I also got a lettuce bowl, and plants to make a second lettuce bowl in a container I already have—swiss chard, kale, and red leaf lettuce. I found two cherry tomato plants that I am going to put in hanging baskets on the back deck as well as a variety of cucumber called Patio Snacker that is bred to be grown in a pot on a patio. I am stepping back and giving my sweet husband an opportunity to use his much greener thumb to plant them today. I don’t have to do it all.

In recognition of our need to slow down and enjoy life I am going to ask you to slow down in May. Each day:

  • Make your bed
  • Pick up after yourself including putting away your clothes when you take them off
  • Do a load of laundry (or two depending on the size of your family)
  • Keep your dishes done and counters clear
  • Take out the trash

Beyond that try to get your daily task done and spend a couple of minutes in your Area of Focus. Recognize that it took you a while to get where you are and it will take a while to take your home and life back. In the meantime, enjoy the people around you. If you are so cranky from decluttering, organizing, and cleaning that your family wishes for the chaos instead, what have you gained.

While you are in maintenance mode refresh your Master To Do List.  You don’t have to do anything on it if you don’t want to or if the world will not fall apart if you do not get it done. Give yourself a break, take care of yourself and be sweet to your man and your kids.

Just now I am headed to my youngest daughter’s home to be there while some repairs are done. I will share more tomorrow. For now, dear friends, be sweet.

Love and Hugs,



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