Forty years ago on Saturday May 3, 1975 Roy and one of our closest friends, Wayne Cannon, went off to play golf while Wayne’s wife Cindy (my BFF), their little girl Stacy, and I hung out and got ready for a military gala that evening at the Officer’s Club. In between, we all had an appointment at 5 pm at the Old Forge Chapel at Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey. There was a wedding to attend.It was Roy’s and mine.
We are such different people now but some things has grown—our love and commitment to each other. Apart from God these two selfish, self-indulgent people had no chance of a successful marriage, but God was at work.
The Lord gently led us through hardship, and near loss, past giving up or giving in.
On October 1, 1979, we were parents of two little girls, I was ready to give up on a second marriage. I was thoroughly sick of myself and none too pleased with Roy. I stood by the sink in my kitchen, and I said, “I don’t even know if you are real, God, but if you are, you’ve got me. Change me, Lord.”
And He did.
Bells and whistles did not go off but something was different.Through learning to love God, I learned to love Roy and my children in a completely new and different way.
I have been in the learning process of how to be a good wife and mom—failing more often than I have succeeded but the Lord did not give up and neither did I. I am neither perfect nor complete. I will not be until I see Jesus face to face but I am a better person, wife, mom, and grandma because of Him.
Today I celebrate my love for a very good husband who says I take good care of Him but even more I celebrate the grace of God that transformed each of us and our marriage. All the good I have I owe to God alone. Anything good I am I owe to God alone.
Thank you, Roy for the best 40 years of my life. Most of all, thank you, Lord God


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