Before I update you all on what has been happening for the last several months I want to say that God is good all the

My very tired sweetie, How could I be irritated with him? Hmm! We have our moments ;-)
My Roy before all our excitement. I am so glad he’s rested up.

time. What He teaches us and does in our lives in the hard times is good and draws us so much closer to Him. We live in a fallen world and will experience illness, death,and challenges each day. How will we respond to those challenges?
In March we traveled to Utah to spend Resurrection Day with our daughter and her family and then take care of her boys while Summer and her husband took a work related trip for 5 days. Wonderful time. Shortly after returning my father entered hospice care for the final stages of Parkinson’s. Shortly after I got a call from my terrific step-mom telling us that if we wanted to visit my dad we should do so soon. We dropped everything and went to Michigan where I was able to have a lovely visit with my dad.
Roy had been having extreme pain in his left calf so we began to pursue treatment. On June 24th he had a 6 hour surgery to replace/reroute veins in his leg. The surgery did not work. He had a second 6 hour surgery the next day. Two days later he had a heart attack (where better to have a heart attack than in the cardiac wing of a hospital?) Two days after that he had a heart catheterization that found 3 blockages on the left side of his heart. He was in the hospital from June 24th to July 8th. We opted for home health care and friends from Alabama came to help for several days.

My dad, John L. Minelli November6, 1928-July 17, 2015
My dad, John L. Minelli
November 6, 1928-July 17, 2015

On the 17th if July while our friends were with us I got the call that my dad had died. No words can express the joy I have that my dad was God’s friend and I know I will see him again. No words can express the loss of someone so loved and not being with my family to share the grief and the joy.

The evening of the day our friends left, Roy’s incision started spurting blood. He was taken to the emergency room. He was released at about 2:40 am. The next day while Roy was getting ready to go to the doctor’s office for a follow up he began to hemorrhage. We called 911. My son and I were able to slow the blood loss (Roy lost around a liter of blood) and the EMT’s arrived, got the bleeding under control and transported him back to the hospital where he was readmitted to ICU. Roy remained in ICU and the step down unit until the 29th of July.
I spent almost every moment with Roy day and night during both hospital stays. I loved, loved, loved the nurses and the techs. I hate, hate, hated the food. I gained 15 pounds eating junk at the hospital. Roy lost 15 pounds because he disliked the food so much. I slept in a chair more than a bed in July and the end of June. I missed my father’s funeral. There were a few other small in comparison events. Our television was hit by lightening while Roy was in the hospital. An unscrupulous contractor has threatened to sue us if we don’t use his company to reroof our home or give him the insurance proceeds if we use someone else. My grandson spilled water on the MacBook that he had borrowed from me and fried it.
I had had plans to take my grandson Kobe to Utah to visit Summer and her family and give our grandkids a break from daycare and school for a year. I had the plane tickets for months before all these interesting life events started. We decided for me to take the trip and our wonderful daughter Amy took over her dad’s care with the help of home healthcare.
All these events were incredibly challenging but taught me so much. I want to thank all our friends and even friends we didn’t know yet who have helped us in so many ways. I will get those thank you notes out after Roy is a little better and my home is restored to something resembling order. Every card, call, meal, visit, gift and incredible works of service were deeply appreciated. I cannot thank you enought and I thank God for your encouragement.
Please keep us in your prayers. Roy is still recovering.
Love and hugs,


2 thoughts on “An Update on Our Lives

    1. I am sorry it took so long to respond. I was very involved in my husband’s recuperation but then on December 5, 2015 Roy died and a new set of challenges began to present themselves. I am almost ready to be back

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