My oldest daughter with her beautiful family.
My oldest daughter with her beautiful family.

For daily tasks and a cleaning checklist for your Dining Room, Entry and Front Porch, I refer you to Monday’s post.

What are your hopes and dreams? Where do you want to go? Are your dreams and hopes in line with God’s will for your life?

If you aim nowhere, that’s where you will get. Nowhere! Think about your relationships and what you are willing to invest in them. That’s part of what relationships are—an investment. You invest your time, your heart, and your soul. You invest love, patience, creativity, and risk it all not having a handy dandy schedule of return. This investment is indeed a sacrifice. Make it something you give to the Lord because He does give the best return, even when all seems lost.

Only I am Roy’s wife. How can I bless him?

Only I am Summer, Amy, and Roger’s mom. How can I bless them?

I share my other daughter with a stepmom that she dearly loves. Is it challenging and painful for me?  Yes. Do I, will I bless her as I can? Yes

I have beaucoups of grandchildren. How can I best bless them?

Before all else, I can pray. God has chosen to work in this world in response to the prayers of His people. I will invite Him into every situation that involves those I love.

I can do my best to communicate with them. For those who live far away, I will use social media and every other invention to be aware of what is happening in their lives and to respond where I can.

I will try to govern my speech and do my best to be a woman they can respect, love, and maybe even admire.

I have set my heart to serve. Today I saw a comment on a thread about serving. A woman made it clear she would not serve anyone. In God’s Word, I see Jesus serving others continually and He is God and the Son of God.  If He can wash the feet of even an enemy, why shouldn’t I?

I have set my heart to know and love God. I will intentionally demonstrate my love for God by loving and caring for the people He has given me to love. I will spend time in His Word daily and intentionally seek to gain a deeper knowledge of Him, of who I am in God’s eyes, and what He is calling me to be and do.

imageIn the recount of Gideon in Judges 6—the Angel of the Lord (a pre-incarnate appearance of Jesus—God with skin on) appears to Gideon and said  “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.”

Now at the time Gideon was hiding in a winepress threshing wheat. BUT GOD saw Gideon as what He intended Gideon to be—a valiant man—a warrior. How is our vision of ourselves different than how we are seen by God? How is our vision of our lives different from how God tells us to live? If we leave our Bible in the car or on the shelf instead of dining on it regularly, we will believe our defeated feelings and the lies we hear daily from the internet, television, other people and other sources.

I want to choose to believe what God says about me. Jeremiah 17:6 tells us: “The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is? New Living Translation If I follow my heart and listen to my own counsel, I will be deceived and make wrong choices. Isaiah 53:6 tells us: All of us, like sheep, have strayed away. We have left God’s paths to follow our own. Yet the LORD laid on him the sins of us all.

The sin that was laid upon Jesus was me doing my own thing. So, I want to do His thing. I can’t live it if I don’t know it. I will not know it if I ignore it.

Taking this a step further, maybe instead of seeing the people around me as the messes they are (just like me) I need to see them as God sees them. I need to look at them with eternal eyes and remember God loves them and has regard for them. If I treat them as the people God sees them to be not just for one interaction or one day, maybe their eyes will be lifted higher, too.

All of our eyes are infected with poor vision. We need to put on our Jesus colored glasses and see ourselves and others as God sees us.

This seems to be a message in progress as the Lord is working in me just now. Never think I am pointing a finger at you.  I had a pastor long ago who said that every time He was pointing a finger at us, he was pointing three back at himself.

Incidentally, how can I best love my grandchildren besides being faithful to pray for them? One at a time—the same way I am able to do other things. Focus on what is before you and as the opportunity comes, respond with all the love and grace God gives. I have lost time grieving over the opportunity I don’t have instead of enjoying the one in front of me. No more! Focus on what is before us and give it all we have.

Love and hugs,



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