Roy M. Paitsel  2/19/16-12/5/15
Roy M. Paitsel

Search for the LORD and for His strength;continually seek Him.Psalm 105:4 NLT
(Note-I have been away because of my sweet Roy’s health challenges, my Dad died while Roy was in ICU a year ago in July and then just when I thought his health was improving, Roy had a stroke and died on December 5, 2015–I have been challenged but God has been faithful)

The past year has been my most challenging ever. It has also been the best year for God to grow me, and stretch me, and to help me find what is most important in life.
The most important thing in all of life–in all of life–is to seek God first. If you seek to find yourself first you will be gazing in a very shallow pond. Our God is an endless ocean and in finding Him, knowing Him, and loving Him, you will truly come to find yourself and know yourself and have the truest love in your life–for God first, for others, and for yourself.
I heard a sermon recently that talked about being MAD–
M–Me First Attitude,
A–Annoyed by Others
D–Deny God (that is not just to deny God’s existence but also His right to rule in my life)
I don’t know about you but I have frequently been MAD throughout my life–and it hasn’t been very productive–in fact, it’s been downright maddening!
The opposite is JOY–
I prefer JOY to MAD. It’s a much better day and a much better life.
I choose JOY.


2 thoughts on “Update–A Challengin 2015 and 2016

  1. Mary,
    So sorry to hear about the loss of your dad and Roy. I’ve often thought about you, and prayed for you because I knew you had to be battling something. What you’re learning through this trial is a blessing to all of us. I thank God for your message of wisdom. May He reward you greatly for your willingness to give Him glory and for passing on your pearls of wisdom.

    1. Thank you, Roseann. I appreciate your encouragement. The past couple years have been full of challenges But I have learned more from those challenges and I appreciate that too. We can either be built up by our challenges or destroyed by them . I choose to learn and grow and be built up by them.

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