What is your vision? What are your priorities? What are your goals?

My Love Inspired Vision

• I alone am responsible for my relationship with God
• I alone am responsible for who I am. I have to provide myself with intellectual and spiritual stimulation to become all that the Lord designed me to be
• I alone can be Roy’s wife. I am the only one who can love and care for him as his wife
• I alone can be Eveline, Summer, Amy and RK’s mother. Other people will influence their lives but only I can give them a mother’s love and care
• I alone can manage my household. My husband may help me but I am ultimately responsible.

My Notebook Where Vision, Priorities, and Goals Are Kept

My Schedule and Goals from the 1980’s when I was in my 30’s:
8:30 Children’s Bedtime
9:00 pm Bedtime

5:00 Personal grooming
5:30 Breakfast with Roy
6:00 Devotions
6:30 Wakeup children, girls make beds, take to school at 7:20
7:30 Shower
8:00 Put house in order
9:00 Special projects
11:30 Lunch
12-2 Special projects
2:30 Pick up girls at school
3:00-4:15 Homework and time with girls
5:00 Dinner
5:30 Dishes
Evening – Family time and prepare for bed

Alternate Saturday workdays with family outings

Make menus
Use coupons and shopping list

Priority 1: God
Purpose: To bring honor and glory to God
To know God
1) Time apart for
a. raise
b. Petition
2) Study
3) Pray without ceasing. Use prayer journal
4) Study the Bible
a. Memorize Scripture
b. Read the Bible each year
c. Devotional reading
5) Church Service
a. Bible Study and Services Sunday am
b. Services—Sunday pm
c. Wednesday pm
Priority 2: Roy
Purpose: To be a helper suitable for him
1) Breakfast
2) Meet him at the door
3) Afternoon nap with Roger so I won’t be so tired in the evening
4) Ask him—communication
5) Plan time out alone together
6) Look my best when I’m with him
7) Plan menus he likes
Priority 3: The Children
Purpose: To bring them up in the love and admonition of the Lord
Train to be self-controlled under Lordship of Christ
1) Cut back on TV viewing—plan TV viewing
2) Roy and I more time in activities with children
3) Reading
4) Walks
5) Family projects
6) Take more pictures
7) Memory box for each child
8) Talk and listen
9) Nightly baths
10) Family devotions
11) Meals at table
Priority 4: Home
Purpose: To have a pleasant and convenient atmosphere for my family’s home
1) Plan my work. Work my plan
2) Make use of tools—to do list, calendar, planner
3) Make use of references
4) Work before other activities
5) Be a good steward of all resources including finances

Purpose: To be healthy, attractive and have energy to accomplish goals
1) Exercise
2) High energy low junk diet
3) Keep clothes in order
4) Eliminate clutter
5) Good personal care
6) Live in the presence of God


Keep in touch regularly with family—Eve, Grandma, parents


Commitment and Vision
Life Phase Goals

Spiritual    Physical    Intellectual     Financial     Social     Emotional    Family


This is a more recent goal review (early to mid-1990’s):

To know, love, and serve God with my whole being,: body, soul & spirit.
• Read bible daily
• Pray
• Attend church regularly

To be in good overall health
• Lose 25 lbs. Goal weight 120 Maintain between 123-126
• Eat three well balance meals each day and two healthy snacks
• Exercise
• Walk ½ to 1 hour per day

To keep my mind nurtured and fresh
• Read classics and books I have
• Cross Stitch using materials I have
• Stamp using materials I have

Develop an increasingly loving relationship
• Me in good order
• Home in good order

Build healthy people in body, mind, and spirit
• Family Time
• Study
• Rooms
• Work together

Balanced budget that includes giving and saving
• Are there expenses that can be eliminated
• Pack lunches
• Plug up holes by keeping track of expenses
• Do I need to work outside our home?


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