Friday is Wrap Up the Week Day!

Each Friday:

  • Put your home in order for the weekend
  • Clean out your car
  • Clean out your purse, diaper bag, backpack, computer bag or whatever you take with you as you go out the door

Make sure you keep up with the things you deal with. Take trash out of the car when you get home. Don’t leave clothes, toys, magazines, or other things in your car when you arrive home. Take them in and put them away.

The Area of Focus is your Gathering Areas–The Living Room, The Family Room, and/or The Den. Keep decluttering, organizing, cleaning, and making each area of your home more functional and pleasant to be in.

Remember the focus for the month–Celebration and Service to Honor the Lord. The actual date of Jesus’ birth is not known but was selected centuries ago to replace pagan celebrations. The coming of the God into the world is the greatest gift ever given. Let’s receive it with joy and gratitude. How are you celebrating today?

Have a day filled with love, smiles, and love,



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