Good Morning, Beautiful!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday is Duster Dance Day—put on some happy music, enlist the help of your miniature assistants and get that dust from high to low—out of the house. Make sure you have good dusters. If not you are simply moving the dust around

Tomorrow is the last day with The Gathering Areas as The Area of Focus. Yesterday I shared a Cleaning Checklist for The Gathering Areas. Refer to it to consider what needs to happen in your Gathering Areas.

What can you do in these areas to make them

  • Less cluttered (Declutter)
  • More orderly (Organized)
  • Cleaner
  • More functional
  • A more pleasant place to be

The Special Project for December is Celebrating Christmas in a way that

  • Honors God and enriches your relationship with Him;
  • Deepens and enriches your relationship with your husband, children, extended family, and friends, and brings them closer to God
  • Making acts of love and service a focus beginning now but going on throughout the coming year.

Have a day filled with love, hugs, and smiles,


One of my favorite dusters is a paintbrush! It’s great for lampshades and getting into cracks and crevices. Make sure the bristles are soft

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