This morning I woke up and grabbed my devotional from the bedside table and had a couple of minutes focusing on the One who loves us best and I have set my heart on loving most. I spent a couple of minutes after that studying in Priscilla Shirer’s Armor of God and Reading a few pages in her book Fervent.

I went into the bathroom, gave my hair, teeth, and face a little attention.

I went downstairs and checked to make sure each room is in order and made myself a cup of tea. I had a Blueberry Rx Bar with my tea for breakfast. The downstairs is clean and orderly. The dishwasher is ready to receive the day’s dirty dishes, the trash is next to the back door ready to go out as soon as it is light outside. The trash can has clean garbage bags in it. I wiped up some spills on the floor with a damp paper towel and put away some things that had been left out while my tea was brewing.

After I finish this post I will clean the toilets and make sure I don’t need any supplies in my bathrooms.

Then I will focus on finishing my shopping list, wrapping gifts, and working on Christmas cards.

I find myself also, even though my Special Project is Christmas, continuing to work through small areas in my home. After all these years, it has become so automatic and so easy. I simply keep moving through my home,

  • opening drawers and cabinets,
  • looking under furniture to make sure that nothing has fallen behind,
  • noticing what is in each area
  • tossing trash
  • getting rid of things I do not need or use
  • putting things back into order that have migrated to where they don’t belong.
  • This also reminds me what I have and where it is.

I do not want my children to have to deal with my stuff someday when I am gone. I do not what to store a gazillion thing I do not ever see, much less need or use.

The funny thing is that decluttering and organizing gets easier and easier and goes faster and faster. My daughter and grandsons are moving into our home while she prepares to move into a new home that won’t be available for a few months. This means I need to clear a couple of closets and prepare rooms for different functions for a time frame. This is wonderful motivation for me to get rid of even more stuff. I am also looking forward to having a full house again for a few months.

Some other nice things are that now that these things are done for the day—my home in order and me dressed and groomed for the day—if something comes up I can be out the door in a matter of minutes. I can also keep up with my grandchildren and others who need to be feed and encouraged to pick up after themselves. I get up early that means I need to go to bed early. It is 7:25 and basically if even if I didn’t do much more than keep thing in order I would be fine. I hope to get a lot more done today but, again, if I did not everything would be fine. I am not that smart. I am not special. I simply have a plan and work it. Do you have a plan? Do you work it?

My planning notebook. I like to think on paper

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