Good Morning, Beautiful!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday is Duster Dance Day

Each Tuesday, enlist the aid of your miniature assistants, put on some fun music, and dance the dust right out of your home. Your little ones can dust baseboards and furniture legs and whatever low areas in your home need to be freed from dust.

The Area of Focus through tomorrow (7th-14th) is The Kitchen. Keep focusing on this area until it functions and shines all the time.

Beginning on Thursday the Area of Focus (15th-21st) is Your Bedroom, EnSuite Bathroom, and Closet.

Key to the process is to maintain the areas you have been decluttering. Minutes a day is all that is required to keep a room in order if you work as you go. If you see something out of place, put it where it belongs.

The Special Project this month is Celebrating Christmas with a focus on loving, honoring, and serving God by loving, honoring, and serving the people He has placed you among–and make it fun!

Have a day filled with love, hugs, and smiles,




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