Good Morning, Beautiful!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday is Desk Day

Each Wednesday

  • Gather all papers that have escaped from where they are supposed to be–your desk or the desks of your loved ones.
  • Sort the papers and place them on the desks of your loved ones (or if your family members don’t have a desk, make sure they have a basket or bin where they can keep their papers. Encourage them to go through the papers and toss any they don’t need)
  • Toss any unneeded paper – out of date coupons, informations on activities that have passed, any fillers from your mail including the envelopes that are no longer needed. Keeping papers that are no longer needed makes it harder  to find the papers you do need.
  • Go through your To Pay and Current Files and bring any business up to date.
  • File any papers you NEED to keep in a way that will make it easy to find them when they are needed.
  • During the week, if anything needs immediate attention –give it the attention. Otherwise, place any papers in your Action File and deal with them on Wednesday.

The Area of Focus for Today is the Kitchen. This is the last day with the kitchen as the focus. What needs to be taken care of before your focus shifts to the next area until the 8th of January? Tomorrow the focus shifts to The Master Bedroom, EnSuite Bathroom, and The Closet.

The Special Project for December is celebrating Christmas. The past couple of days I have been finishing up my Christmas cards, wrapping gifts, and going over my list to see what gifts I have yet to buy. Today we are baking and decorating cookies and I am baking bread. This year I am being very intentional about celebrating Christmas because last year Summer and Paul took me back to Utah with them following Roy’s memorial service. It was a blur. This is Liam’s first Christmas and that is a blessing.

Have a day filled with love, smiles, and hugs,


File Box for My ACTION FILES



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