Do you have a Household Notebook? I it is an irreplaceable tool to help your home run smoothly even in your absence

  • You will need a looseleaf notebook, dividers with pockets, and page protectors.
  • Contents:
    • Emergency Telephone Numbers
    • Household Instructions
      • When is the Trash picked up?
      • When is the recycling picked up?
      • Do you participate in any carpools? What are the phone numbers of the other drivers in the pool?
      • Any regular occurrences—we have a whole house generator that tests itself each week—very noisily! I have included that information in my household instructions
    • Cleaning Checklists—checklists for each room in my home and how often I do each task.
    • Cycle menu
    • Special Occasions List—check this each month so you can have cards or gifts for family or close friends.
    • A list of bank cards—I change the card number so I know what the numbers are but anyone finding this page would not be able to use the numbers.
    • Instructions/manuals for appliances
    • What to do if . . .
    • Your Vision Statement, Goals, Time Audit, Daily/Weekly Schedule, Master To Do List, and Future Plans and Goals

Keep this notebook handy to refer to as needed and to make it easy for someone to step in if you are not available for good or not so good reasons to direct your household.

My Notebook

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