Good Morning, Beautiful!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday is Floor Day

Each Thursday clean your floors. The whole idea is having a time each week to deal with tasks. This does not mean you cannot do these things at other times. You can and should clean out your car or your purse, regularly, but on Friday it becomes a focus. If your floors need attention, give them attention. Wipe up spills as they occur. If you are having a gathering at your home and you feel your floors need attention, give them attention. BUT on Thursday take a few minutes to sweep and mop them. I have a Norwex floor system and the first time I used it I felt like I must be doing something wrong because I was finished so quickly. What works for you? What will help you keep your floors clean? Do you have doormats by each of your doors? If you keep much of the dirt out, you are ahead in the battle.

The Area of Focus for the next 7 days (15th-21st) is The Master Bedroom, EnSuite Bathroom, and Closet.

This is the Cleaning Checklist for those areas. Each day choose a few of the tasks after you declutter, and put in order. You cannot truly organize clutter. Cleaning a cluttered and disorganized area is much more of a challenge:

Master Bedroom Checklist

Work from Top to Bottom and around the room in whichever direction you want.

  • Is your bed made? (D)
  • Are there cobwebs that need to be removed?(M)
  • Are there any burnt out bulbs in the light fixtures?(M)
  • Do the light fixtures need to be cleaned?(M)
  • Are the ceiling fans clean?(M)
  • Are the windows and window treatments clean?(M)
  • Is the woodwork and walls free of fingerprints and marks?(M)
  • Are the sheets clean? (W)The duvet? The dust ruffle? The Mattress pad?(M)
  • Are the surfaces (night tables, dressers, tables) free of clutter?(D)
  • Does the furniture need to be polished?(M) Dusted?(W)
  • Are your drawers and cabinets in order?(M)
  • What’s under the bed?(M)

The Closet:

  • Are the shelves in order?(M)
  • Are the hanging clothes in order, clean, in good repair?(M)
  • Are the shoes in order?(M)
  • Are there items stored in your closet that should/could be stored elsewhere like the attic?(M)
  • Does the floor need to be dust mopped or vacuumed? Does the carpet need to be shampooed or spot cleaned?(M)


Cleaning Checklist for Your Bath

  • Wash Area Rug—also toilet seat cover, and shower curtain. (M)
  • Clean sink—I wipe mine out after each use (D)
  • Polish faucets (D)
  • Clean toilet (every Monday) (W)
  • Clean tub after every use. Clean and wax shower. (Use car polish. DO NOT GET POLISH ON THE SHOWER FLOOR) (M/S)
  • Clean shower door—Lemon juice works. You can even slice a lemon and apply directly to the glass. It will cut soap scum and smell fresh, too. (M)
  • Clean mirror (W)
  • Polish countertop (W)
  • Clean cobwebs (M)
  • Clean window treatments (M or S)
  • Wash windows (M)
  • Vacuum fan grill (S)
  • Clean grout (M or EOM)
  • Wipe down woodwork, cabinets, baseboards, doors, door and window frames (M)
  • Clean blinds (M/S)
  • Clean out medicine cabinet (S)
  • Clean and organize cabinets and drawers (M)
  • Clean brushes and combs (M)
  • Clean scale (M)
  • Wash floors (Every Thursday)
  • Empty trash. (as needed)

D= Daily W= Weekly M= Monthly S=Seasonally EOM= Every Other Month


The Special Project for this month is celebrating Christmas.

  • I send Christmas cards to family and friends who do not live nearby. There are people that the Lord puts on my heart and they get cards, too. When I receive a card from someone I have not sent a card to, the next day a card goes out to them.
  • I try to find gifts that are special, needed, and wanted. Sometimes, this could be a gift card but often it’s something I heard them mention they liked and wanted.
  • I got craft paper(brown grocery bag type paper) and fat red yard to wrap my gifts—brown paper packages tied up with strings—one of my favorite things. 😉
  • I am baking bread for gifting to friends and family. In place of my usual extra virgin olive oil I am using Tuscan olive oil from Fustini’s in Traverse City. You should smell my kitchen!!
  • I baked cookies yesterday and we will finish decorating them today.
  • I am meeting a dear, sweet friend for tea at Panera this morning

I am also looking for quiet ways to show kindness and serve others. Acting quietly is a part of the fun.

Have a day filled with smiles, hugs, and love,



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