Aging Gracefully—Does Your Bra Fit

Recently, I was looking at some old pictures from the 1950’s and was stunned to see women with their chests sagging to their waistline. Wearing poorly fitting bras is aging. It is estimated that as many as 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.

Many department stores have bra fitting services. Make an appointment to get fitted and discover your actual bra size. Armed with the right size try on bras until you find bras that fit well and are comfortable.

If you do not want to get measured in a department store, you can measure at home.

There are two measurements that determine your bra size. Measure directly under your breasts around your rib cage, remembering to keep the tape measure straight, and round up to the next even number. That is your band size.

Measure around the fullest part of your breasts. The difference between this number and your band size gives you your cup size.

less than 1″ AA
1″ A
2″ B
3″ C
4″ D
5″ DD/E
6″ DDD/F
10″ J
11″ K
12″ L
13″ M
14″ N


Wearing the right sized bra makes

  • You look trimmer and slimmer
  • You feel better as the weight is evenly distributed
  • your clothes fit better

We gain and lose weight so this process needs to be repeated from time to time.

Wearing the right bra makes all the difference. It’s an easy way to take the appearance of weight and age off your body.marypaitsel-august-29-2016


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