I have been, honestly, begging my daughter for some family time. Between work, caring for her home, and raising some honestly excellent children, her time is at a premium. I got a call at 4:39 pm that she and her family –12 people including us—were coming for dinner as soon as they could all get to my home!!!

I had a pork roast that I had already cooked that was one of the reasons I had been urging her to come to dinner yesterday—albeit with a little more advance warning. I put the roast in the oven to warm, made a list and headed out the door to the nearest grocery store for the frozen steamable mashed potatoes, gravy, and green peas. I made a quick trip to the grocery store, quickly gathered the items I needed and directly back home. My daughter was already at my home with one of my grands. I got the mashed potatoes into the microwave, and set the table. I grabbed less than glamorous Styrofoam tray-type plates from the pantry. After the mashed potatoes were out, mashed and taste tested by a grandchild, I asked my daughter to take care of putting the peas in the microwave and another dear one to take care of drinks for everyone. I got place mats and settled the teens around the ottoman in the living room. I settled a couple of more at the breakfast bar in the dining room and 7 more around the dining room table. It was a little bit of chaos but I was glad that my home was clean when they got there. The family played Heads Up accompanied by lots of laughter, and out the door around 8. My son put on Ben Hur and demanded that I watch it with the very nice man I have been dating for two weeks!!! We enjoyed the movie, I kicked him out at around 10 pm. I got a good night’s sleep and now I am heading downstairs to bring my home back into order before we all head to Christmas Town for the day. God is blessing me with a wonderful Christmas season.

Take away—if your home is in good general order you can welcome family and friends with little notice. Enjoy the chaos, and bring your home back into order after everyone goes home. That’s what home is for—a family living and loving together.


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