Good Morning, Beautiful

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday is Duster Dance Day

  • Put on some happy music
  • Enlist the aid of your miniature assistance (your children)
  • Make sure everyone has an effective duster. An effective duster collects dust. An ineffective duster just moves dust around.
  • Effective dusters include the Swiffer duster, microfiber dusters, ostrich feather dusters, lamb’s wool dusters.
  • Ineffective dusters include the chicken feather duster. If you have one, pick it up, walk directly to your trash can and drop it in.
  • Work your way around each room from high to low.
  • If you have an ostrich feather duster that is not doing an excellent job of collecting dust, wash it with baby shampoo, rinse well, and blow it dry. It will work well again.

The Area of Focus this week is Your Bedroom, EnSuite Bathroom and Closet. Set the example for your family by taking care of your room, hanging up or putting away your clothing, making your bed. Please do not ask of your children what you do not do yourself. Can you say, “Hypocrisy.”

Christmas Break is a great time for your children to be working through their rooms, getting rid of anything that does not fit, is broken, and that they do not truly need or love—the same standard that I hope you use. Before you introduce an new universe of new stuff into their room, go through their clothes, toys, desk, books, and don’t forget under the bed.

Checklist for Your Child and Your Child’s Room

Before Bedtime:

  • Put away shoes and clothes
  • Put away toys
  • Lay out clothes for tomorrow

In the morning:

  • Put away pajamas
  • Make Bed

Each week:

  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Change sheets


  • Work with mom to go through outgrown clothes
  • Work with mom to deep clean

Even when I change sheets, it’s nice to have someone work with me. Changing sheets is a great way to work with your children.


Your Special Project is celebrating Christ and Christmas. Our family visited Christmas Town at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg yesterday. The time together was wonderful. We went early and stayed a little late and enjoyed every chilly moment. Today I am baking bread for friends and family. I call before I deliver fresh baked bread because many people are traveling this time of year.

Review your lists for anything you have missed so that you will not be in a last minute panic.

Have a day (and season) filled with love, hugs, and smiles,



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