Aging Gracefully—Taking Care of Your Skin from the Inside Out

Caring for your skin does not begin with what you put on your face but with what you put into your body.

  • Make sure you drink plenty of water. The Mayo Clinic defines adequate intake of fluids as approximately 13 cups, or 104 ounces for an adult male and 9 cups, or 72 ounces for an adult female. That’s 9 – 8 oz. glasses of water a day for a woman and 13 – 8 oz.  glasses of water for a man. This is one of many moments I am glad I am a woman.
  • Food is the best medicine. Eating a balanced diet is good for all of you but will really show up in your complexion. Getting your vitamins and minerals from fruit, vegetables, protein. And starches is better than taking them in tablet form, in my humble opinion .  Daily vitamins supplements may be helpful but variety in your diet is better – even with a supplement.

I like junk food more than I like to admit but I find that the more junk I eat, the worse I feel. Occasional indulgences are all right but when indulgences become a regular path you are headed for trouble.

So drink plenty of water throughout your day, and watch what you eat.

Think about itmarypaitsel-august-29-2016


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