Yesterday as I blogged, early in the morning, I was eating pistachios. Suddenly I bit down on something hard. I knew I had been carefully shelling the nuts so I was surprised and removed the culprit from my mouth. It was my tooth! Tooth #12—upper left !

Exactly at 8 am I began to call my dentist office—no answer. I checked for another number in and called. Their phone system was giving them grief. I had been really concerned that they were taking a Christmas vacation.

While I called I brushed, flossed, and gargled and pulled myself together so I could head out the door as soon as they could see me.

They mercifully told me to come right in – I was out the door and over to the office as quickly as I could defrost my windshield.

I was in and out within a couple of hours with a temporary crown and an estimate after insurance of close to $600. I was mentally listing the ways I am blessed in this situation.

  • They were there
  • They worked me right in
  • I have dental insurance
  • It was my least favorite tooth—really
  • I have wonderfully sympathetic friends that said soothing things to me.

Again, I am grateful that that my home is in good general order and that though I had not a skitch of makeup on I did have on clean clothes and my hair wasn’t awful.

Drinking coffee afterward with a nub mouth/face was a challenge—a comical challenge. My plans for the day were set aside—I will clean and bake more today. BUT I try to live ready for things that emerge—that is, emergencies. When we put off doing things until the last minute and something emerges in that last minute, we live in chaos and frustration. I’ve done it both ways—I like this way better.

Happy day


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