Good Morning, Beautiful!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Monday is Launch Your Week Day

  • Each Monday put your home back in order after the weekend
  • Clean your toilets
  • While you are in each of your bathrooms, check to make sure you are not about to be out of anything—personal, paper, or cleaning. Add your needed items to your shopping list for the next errand day

When I entered my bathroom this morning along with brushing my teeth, cleaning and moisturizing my face and making use of the facilities, I put toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet and allowed it to sit and work while going through my morning personal care routine. Then I made quick use of the toilet brush and it’s one toilet down—two to go. Those two are going to be seen to in a few minutes. Integrate your tasks into your life. Simple tasks are not meant to be a career—just get it done and move on.

The Area of Focus until Wednesday is your front porch, entry, and dining room. After Christmas celebrations there is probably some recovery work to be done. On Thursday and Friday (and Saturday if you’d like) the Area of Focus will be the Family Bathroom(s). I am also eagerly anticipating the start of a new year—getting rid of more clutter, getting every area in order, cleaning, and making it better—more fun, more functional, lovelier.

The Special Focus shifts today to integrating the gifts you received  into your home. As you go, you may need to release items you have to make room for the new things you have gotten. This may be a challenge especially in helping  your children to put away their new stuff but make sure you include them in the decisions about their stuff. Help them to learn that more is not always better, that it is fun to be generous, and that stuff can weigh you down.

I hope your Christmas was blessed with smiles, hugs, and love,


I prepared our table for a visit by some of our grands. They were excited that I had taken time to do this for them. It’s just crayons, candy, and brightly colored plastic dishes and flatware. We lit the candle, too. What fun!

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