Good Morning, Beautiful!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday is Duster Dance Day

Each Tuesday:

  • put on some cheerful music
  • enlist the aid of your family assistants (aka your children)
  • make sure you have dusters that work instead of moving the dust around
  • get that dust out of your home
  • dust from high to low


The Area of Focus today and tomorrow is your front porch, entry, and dining room. Take an objective look around and consider what needs to be different to make these areas free of clutter, orderly, clean, and both lovely and functional. I do consider fun to be lovely.

The Special Focus shifts this week  is to integrating the gifts you received  into your home. Remember to release the things you no longer need. I released one pair of those pajamas to my daughter-in-love. I really liked those pajamas but I have more than I need. As I prepare for my daughter and her sons to move into my home for 4 months while her home is being built I need to make space for the people in my home  instead of stuff.

Be intentional to make 2017 a year blessed with smiles, hugs, and love,


Keep those flat surfaces clear or put lovely things on them to discourage the dumping of stuff there.

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