Good Morning, Beautiful!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wednesday is Desk Day

  • Gather all your papers
  • Toss what you no longer need
  • Put away (file) what you will need to reference in the future
  • Pay bills
  • Review papers in your Current File and take any action you can—call, mail, email
  • Are there any birthdays coming up? Anyone who needs encouragement? Anyone whose day you can brighten?

Today is the last day with The Front Porch, The Entry, and The Dining Room as your Area of Focus. Tomorrow and Friday the Area of Focus is the Family Bathroom(s)

Cleaning Checklist for Your Family Bath

  • Wash Area Rug—also toilet seat cover, and shower curtain. (M)
  • Clean sink—I wipe mine out after each use (D)
  • Polish faucets (D)
  • Clean toilet (every Monday) (W)
  • Clean tub after every use. Clean and wax shower. (Use car polish. DO NOT GET POLISH ON THE SHOWER FLOOR) (M/S)
  • Clean shower door—Lemon juice works. You can even slice a lemon and apply directly to the glass. It will cut soap scum and smell fresh, too. (M)
  • Clean mirror (W)
  • Polish countertop (W)
  • Clean cobwebs (M)
  • Clean window treatments (M or S)
  • Wash windows (M)
  • Vacuum fan grill (S)
  • Clean grout (M or EOM)
  • Wipe down woodwork, cabinets, baseboards, doors, door and window frames (M)
  • Clean blinds (M/S)
  • Clean out medicine cabinet (S)
  • Clean and organize cabinets and drawers (M)
  • Clean brushes and combs (M)
  • Clean scale (M)
  • Wash floors (Every Thursday)
  • Empty trash. (as needed)

D= Daily W= Weekly M= Monthly S=Seasonally EOM= Every Other Month

The Special Project this week is integrating your gifts into your home. Prepare for the new year and get ready to be super focused on a major declutter, organizing and cleaning spree.

Have a day filled with love, hugs, and smiles,



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