I have the flu! New Year’s Eve I started feeling queasy and before midnight I was in severe intestinal distress. New Year’s Day didn’t exist for me—I slept the day away. I work up early today still sick but feeling much better than Sunday. When I got up, changed my sheets, and put on fresh pajamas, I got the sheets into the washer, and walked through my home. I found dishes in my kitchen, loaded them into the dishwasher and started it. On days like these I am very grateful that after decluttering, cleaning, and putting in order since the late 1970’s it is an ingrained habit.

This did not come to me naturally, I have read or at least skimmed every book I could find about home organization and time management. What I share with you each day is drawn from many (mostly women but a few good men like Jeff Campbell and Don Aslett) writers over the past 38 years. I fought trying many ideas I found consistently in different authors and was shocked at how they really helped when I finally tried them. My conclusion—nothing works if you don’t do it. Give ideas a chance—if they don’t work after a few weeks, tweak them or move on to other solutions.

The most important thing in conquering the chaos in your home is being consistent and persistent. Keep going and don’t give up.

My goal here this year is to be here for you; to help you find solutions to your challenges; and to help you remember why we want orderly and clean homes—it’s all about life as a family and a place for it to happen in.

Let’s set goals instead of making resolutions.

Keep me in your prayers as I fight this misery. Yuck!! Flu!!!marypaitsel-august-29-2016


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