Good Morning, Beautiful!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tuesday is Duster Dance Day

I am not at full function so, friends, you know the drill. I have faith in you

I have am recovering from the flu. Tomorrow is Desk Day. Instead of dusting today, I am going to do my reading and paper work. In a few minutes I will do my walk through and put my home in as much order as I can. Yesterday, I did a couple of thing on my to do list but it was work and rest, work and rest. Sunday was totally lost to me, I slept all day while I was feeling at my worst. When you are sick, do what you can. Try to keep your home functioning if you can. If you cannot, find someone to help.

The Area of Focus this week is the Gathering Areas—The Living Room, Family Room, Den, TV Room, or wherever your family gathers. In case you have missed the many times I have posted—here is the Cleaning Checklist for these areas:

My Cleaning Checklist for the Living Room/Family Room

  • Have you cleaned cobwebs? (M)
  • Have you cleaned the light fixtures? (M)
  • Have you cleaned windows?. (M)
  • Have you cleaned the window treatments? (EOM)
  • Have you cleaned any marks and fingerprints from walls and woodwork? (M)
  • Have you cleaned decorative items? (M)
  • Have you cleaned out the fireplace? (as needed or seasonally)
  • Have you cleaned out the end tables? (M)
  • Have you straightened the bookcases /entertainment center?(M)
  • Have you dusted the lamp shades? (M)
  • Have you polished the furniture? (M) Have you dusted? (W)
  • Have you culled out dated magazines and catalogs from magazine basket or rack? (M)
  • Have you cleaned the phone(s)?(M)
  • Have you vacuumed the traffic areas? (W)
  • Have you vacuumed under, around and behind furniture and drapes? (M)
  • Have you shampooed the carpets? (S)

Your Special Project is your whole house declutter, organize and clean project—one drawer, one shelf, one cabinet, one corner at a time. Be brutal. If you don’t

  • Need it
  • Love it
  • Use it

Get rid of it

  • Toss it
  • Donate it
  • Give it away to someone who REALLY needs and wants it.

Have a day filled with smiles, hugs, and love,



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