Good Morning, Beautiful!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday is Launch Your Week Day

  • Put Your Home Back into Order after the weekend
  • Clean Your Toilets
  • Check Your Bathrooms for Any Needed Supplies

The Area of focus from the 8th to the 14th (now through Saturday) is your Kitchen.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

  • Are there any cobwebs? (M)
  • Are the light fixtures and ceiling fan clean? (M)
  • Are the windows and window treatments clean? (M)
  • Is your refrigerator clean —inside and outside? (M) Are there fingerprints? (as needed) Are you using leftovers? (D) Do any items need to be tossed?(M)
  • Is your freezer clean? (M) Are there any foods that need to be used before they go out of date? (M)
  • Is your microwave clean inside and out? (M or as needed)
  • Are your stove top and oven clean?(M or as needed)
  • Are your drip pans or grates clean? Do they need to be replaced? (M)
  • Is the stove hood and filter clean? (M)
  • Are canisters and decorative items clean? (M)
  • Are there fingerprints or other marks on walls, window sills and woodwork?(M)
  • Are doors and door frames free of marks?(M)
  • Are baseboards clean? (M)
  • Are cabinet fronts clean? (M)
  • Do your cabinets need to be put in order? (M)
  • Is your under sink cabinet clean and in order? (M)
  • Are your countertops clean and sanitized? (D)
  • Clean and sanitize sink(s)
  • Are your floors swept? (D)
  • Do your floors need to be mopped? (W or as needed)
  • Are the dishes done and put away (D) Is the dishwasher empty?(D)

The key to the kitchen tasks is D=Daily, W=Weekly, M=Monthly, S=Seasonally . Spread the monthly tasks throughout the week. Make an appointment with yourself for each task.

For this month’s Special Project I am doing a Whole House Declutter , Purge or whatever you want to call it. I need extra space for my daughter and grandsons who will be moving in for a few months while she is building a home. I am grateful for the incentive because it is making me be more brutal that EVER before. After beginning the year with an extra special stomach virus followed by a UTI, I started on Thursday with my Living Room, Powder Room, and Coat Closet which are now somewhere near pristine or it will be after I have Stanley Steemer visit at the end of the whole house project. Friday, Saturday, and even a little on Sunday, I cleaned and decluttered my kitchen.  I let go of things I kept because they were nice. I moved things off the counters (baby bottles, for example) and into the space created in the cupboards by letting go of those things. Everything is clean and orderly. Wow!! What a feeling!!

Today I start in my room. I will strip my bed and get the sheets and comforter into the washer. I want to leave any germs from being sick behind. I also filled a cup in my bathroom with Listerine and put my toothbrush into it to soak. Today in my bedroom an bathroom, I will wipe down the remotes, door handles, and my keyboards with antibacterial wipes. I don’t want any leftover germs to come back to visit me.

On the warm days this week I will work in my attic and defrost the freezer in the garage. Sometimes you just have to seize the opportunity.

How are you doing to clear clutter and bring order and cleanliness into your home? I brought down the scale from the family bath and will start entering my weight totals of the things I am releasing.

Have a day filled with love, hugs, and smiles,


Keep your counters clear and your dishes done. Empty your dishwasher as soon as the cycle is over and put dirty dishes inside instead of leaving them in the sink.

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