“Where are you going, Mommy?” The truth was I wasn’t going anywhere. I had simply decided to take better care of myself. That decision is reaping benefits now more than 35 years later. When I remember my small children (now ranging from 44-35) asking me where I was going when I got cleaned up, it cut me to my heart and made me realize that living lifemarypaitsel-august-29-2016 in sweats might not be the most attractive thing to do. You can be comfortable and look nice at the same time. Do it for yourself. Do it to honor God. Do it for your family-to set an example and give them someone lovely to look at. Your confidence level in working and dealing with others – anywhere- will increase if you are wearing clothes that fit, are clean and in good repair.

  • Wear colors that look good on you. There are books in the library that talk about what colors complement your skin, and hair colors. The ones that use the four seasons for a guide are my favorites. I am a Winter and I look good in jewel tones. Knowing what colors look best can save you costly mistakes. It isn’t a bargain if you can’t use it.
  • Missus Smartie Pants has a website that helps you choose the right styles and colors. It is a pay service but a three month subscription costs about what a book does and Missus Smartie Pants shows you examples from actual stores and online shops.
  • Take showers before the rest of the family gets up and moisturize your face.
  • I get dressed to the shoes each day and moisturize my feet before I put SOCKS on. I did not like this idea at all before I started but it works.
  • I have on Docker denims, a yellow hooded sweatshirt (cute),  and Grasshopper Deck Shoes.
  • I love the Burt’s Bees colored lip balm and a little mascara.
  • For those of you who live in the Chester/Colonial Heights area, Cassie at Gabe’s Barber Shop or Robin at Hair Experience in Colonial Heights are wonderful and very reasonable. 

Be yourself but be the best yourself you can be.
Have a day filled with hugs, smiles, and love


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