Good Morning, Beautiful!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday is Duster Dance Day

  • Use the right tools
  • Put on happy music
  • If your child can walk, give them a duster and put them to work
  • Have fun

The Area of Focus this week is The Kitchen. I just spent 3 days thoroughly cleaning and decluttering my kitchen. Now I am again dedicated to keep my kitchen clean by:

  • Putting away things as I go
  • Emptying the dishwasher first thing in the morning—while my tea is brewing
  • Load dishes directly into the dishwasher and not leave them in the sink
  • When I begin cooking I fill the sink with hot soapy water and wash dishes as I go
  • I bought a strainer that fits over half my sink. I use this for draining pasta or other foods. I also use it as a drain board for dishes that I wash that need to air dry—especially baby bottles. I regularly wash the strainer in my dishwasher to keep it clean and sanitary.img_1246
  • Many of us avoid cooking because it is too hard to cook in our kitchen. It is easy and fast to cook in a clean, orderly, clutter free kitchen. More on this tomorrow.

My Special Project is a whole house declutter—Yesterday I stripped my bed and washed everything including the comforter. Then, I  went through and straightened my dresser and let go of things I had passed over in past declutters but never used. Then I moved (with major help from my son and  daughter in love) a bookcase from my bedroom to the Living Room. I am still carrying books downstairs and loading them by category and author into the bookcase. Books are hard for me to release but I am working hard to let go of what I will never reference or read again. I am donating all the rest to one of my favorite charities-Grace House.


Today—more work on the bookcase and more releasing things in my bedroom

Have a day filled with love, hugs, and smiles,



3 thoughts on “Good Morning, Beautiful! Tuesday, January 10, 2017-Tuesday is Duster Dance Day

  1. Mary, where is Grace House and where else do you donate stuff? That’s a big hangup for me – what to do with good stuff too good to just toss.

    1. Grace House is off Chalkley Road. I also donate to ROC Thrift Store on Jeff Davis near Pietro’s. I like the Salvation Army and if you have enough stuff they will pick up. I think that may be true of the ROC Thrift Store

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