I am working on a whole house declutter to make room for some family members who are moving in, temporarily, while their new home is being built. This means they will need space for their things so I am using this as an opportunity to let go of things I should have/could have already released.

We have a fair amount of snow for Virginia at the moment—so no school. My daughter could not take her son to his dad’s house when she needed to head to work so she brought him to my house until his dad could pick him up. I had a decision—did I keep my focus on my project—The Declutter—or did I spend time with my grandson. Easy choice—I spent time with my grandson who is growing up way too quickly. We made pancakes and watched Cooks vs.  Cons and talked about cooking. Then he went outside to help clean off the cars. Love is spelled T I M E. I treasure time spent with my children and grandchildren. This moment in time is not forever even though it may seem the work you do and the care you give your loved ones is unproductive and unappreciated. It is not. It is precious in God’s eyes and in your life. God is working in you and it will bear fruit as you choose to love and to respond lovingly to the people in your life. Treasure this time. People are not in our way—they are our purpose and our mission. We can afford to be loving and generous. Generosity is not just with money or things, it is with love, and time, and grace.

Now I am getting back to work. Decluttering is inch by inch, decision by decision, hard work. I admit, it’s scary, even after years of doing it. I am always sure I will need it later but I cannot make my home only a place to store things I MAY need in the future. I am grateful for the incentive of making room for my family. What is your incentive. Work is easier if you know what you are working for or working toward.

Love and hugs,


My grandson, Kobe

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