Working with my grandson reminded me of somethings about kids and clean rooms.  To send your child to their room with instructions to clean their room, just plain doesn’t work. Moms need to be involved in the process, teaching and giving their children increasing responsibility for the room. Children need from early childhood to be gently instucted about the elements of taking care of their room. 

All of the things on the scattered about and on the floor including not only toys but also clothes and books end up:

  •  under the bed
  • in the closet and
  • in the toy chest or bins.

How can you help your child help you by keeping their room orderly?

  • Even small children can learn to make a bed if it’s a comforter and a pillow. Keep bedding simple for children if you want the bed to be made. 
  • Labels help.  Knowing what goes where keeps like items together.  Pieces of toys and games that are separated and spread throughout a room are worthless. Label not only toy bins but drawers and shelves. You can take pictures and tape them to the drawers for little ones who don’t read yet.
  • Toy boxes need to be gone through regularly.  Make it a sorting game.   
  • Work with your child in putting clothes away where they belong. 
    • Make it easy for your child to know where things go (Again, labels)
    • Make sure closets have rods your child can reach if you expect them to help put things away and to dress themselves.
    • Sorting and matching socks is a job small children can do but only give them a few pair at a time to match in the beginning.
  • Don’t let a room get too messy before you declare a clean up time. We had a clean up time several times a day when my children were small we cleaned up before nap, before Dad got home and before bed, as well as any time things seemed on the verge of gettting out of control.
  • Avoid having food and drink in a bedroom.  A glass of water is one thing; anything that attracts mice and insects is something else.
  • Play-doh and carpet do not go well together.  Craft time may need to take place at the kitchen table and not in the bedroom.
  • Miracle sponges are miraculous on crayon and pencil.

Help your children succeed. Don’t expect, inspect. Check the work and be gentle with your instructions. Praise the elements of any job well done




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