Good Morning, Lovely!

Tuesday, January 23, 2017

Tuesday is Duster Dance Day

Grab your duster. Enlist the help of your miniature assistants (aka your children).Put on happy music and swoosh the dust out the door.

The Area of Focus for this week is your Front Porch, Entry, and Dining Room.

What are your family and friends seeing when they walk up to and enter your home? Does it say welcome? Is there trash or clutter you have been looking at for so long you don’t even see it?

Walk outside and try to notice the condition of your home and yard. It’s winter and much of the time we focus on getting inside through the weather I know my front porch needs some attention. Rain, rain go away . . .

Take a picture with your cell phone and try to see what the people –family and friends—you are welcoming into your home see.

How are you doing in decluttering your home? Don’t quit—give it at least a couple of minutes a day.

Have a day full of hugs, smiles, and love,


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