Good Morning, Lovely,

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday is Floor Day

Each Thursday, sweep, vacuum or dry mop your hard floors: tile, hardwood, linoleum and then damp mop or wash your floors. In between sweep as needed  and wipe up spills as they occur.

Vacuum your traffic areas. Give special attention to your Area of Focus—the Entry and the Dining Room.

The Area of Focus is The Front Porch, The Entry, and The Dining Room. Have you taken a good look at the Dining Room. Take pictures of the room and notice any clutter your eyes have become blind to.

In the Whole House Declutter, maintain the areas you have worked through. Don’t quit. Do at least a little work each day.

Have a day full of smiles, hugs, and love,

Mary                            image                     


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