Good Morning, Lovely!

This week I put together an overview of the week that you can refer to instead of daily posts.

I want to share habits that will save us time, money, and aggravation.

·         Do you write things down? Let your notebook or phone be your memory and remember to write and read. Check your list regularly.

·         Do you have a place for your purse, your wallet, your keys, your tools? Make a point of having a place for them and always putting them in that place. When I find keys in my home even if they belong to people just passing through , I hang them next to the front door. I found someone’s keys under a napkin in the kitchen when I was cleaning up yesterday. Those keys were about to be considered lost by their owner because they weren’t readily seen.

·         Talk to yourself. Repeating information helps cement it into your memory. Repeat when you have an appointment, the names of people you have just met, directions to new places you visit. Repeat, repeat, and repeat.

·         Write sticky notes to yourself. What do you need to talk to a family member about? What do you need to buy? What do you need to take with you the next time you go out the door? Don’t rely on your memory. Get cute sticky notes and put them where you will see them.

·         Be present. Live in the moment. Pay attention to the people you are with. Don’t allow the Weapons of Mass Distraction to take your attention from the people you are with. I know it’s a struggle. I can be pretty obtuse. Weapons of Mass Distraction (WMD’s)—phone, TV, games, and focusing on what comes next. Listen to the person talking to you. Wait until they are finished speaking to formulate an answer instead of thinking of what you are going to say next.

Don’t forget to do regular memory dumps and put the information floating around in your brain on your calendar or To Do List.



Label your keys

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