Good Morning, Lovely!

What About Those Meal Delivery Services.

In general, I like them but there are occasional kerfuffules!

I have been using Hello Fresh! Recently we were preparing a meal and opened the spice pack only to find it empty! Their customer service representative was more than lovely and tried to find what the spice blend was. She couldn’t. They gave me a $23 credit which I appreciated.

I like that the recipes are good and take me a little out of my comfort zone. They are usually very easy to prepare and take between 20 and 45 minutes to prepare. The recipe cards do make it possible to make the recipes we like again. The things I have not liked were edible. I just won’t prepare them again.

You have the option of choosing between a number of options. The companies have tried to accommodate all kinds of dietary needs. Vegetarian, people who like fish, people who do not like fish—pork, beef, chicken, and occasionally other meats like lamb.

This weekend I am going to try both Blue Apron and Home Chef. The choices were really appealing and Home Chef even has breakfast options and a weekly fruit basket for $4.95 per serving.

I will let you know which service I end up loving.

One thing I like is that this helps me stay out of the grocery store. That alone saves money.

The other thing that helps me stay out of the store is the pickup option that stores like Kroger are now offering. Stay tuned. I will share on them soon.




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