For myself, I am declaring a moratorium on spending for the month of February.

·         I will give at church and to the charities I favor

·         I will replace those products I use regularly if I do not already have a backup.

·         If I see something I think I want I will write it down on my March calendar and review it next month. Of course, I already have seen something interesting. It is written down.

·         I will be more conscious of how I am using energy. I have checked my programmable thermostat to make sure it is using energy gently. I will watch my use of water and not leave faucets running while brushing my teeth or washing dishes.

On a permanent basis, I will continue my  one in, one out rule. I have enough of most things. If I want something new, what am I willing to let go of?

I have not renewed my magazine subscriptions. I was not reading them.

The same is true of newspapers. I keep up with news online but Roy enjoyed the Sunday paper. Now that he is no longer here, I do not need the newspaper. Do they have news in heaven?

I will maintain and care for what I have.

I will set an example for my family before I ask anything of them. It is NOT “Do as I say, not as I do.”


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