Good Morning, Lovely!

Moving forward—not moving on but moving forward. Taking care of things I have needed to take care of.

·         I started Griefshare Monday night.

·         I scheduled a pre-op appointment for the condition I was dealing with when Roy became ill.

·         One of my guest rooms is ready.

·         My house is in good general order for my grandson to move in.

·         Today the other guest room and the attic. Our attic is a walk up attic that is accessed from the guest room I will be working in. This room will be refreshed and ready for my daughter to move into

·         I did my income taxes.

·         I made up several packages to mail to loved ones.

·         I committed to take dinner to a friend on Friday.

·         I got out my February Valentine flags and changed my calendar from January to February—and added all those doctor appointments I have been talking about.

I am facing my fears and dealing with challenges. What challenges have you been avoiding? What do you need to face and deal with? Seriously, I am not very brave, not very smart, not very so many things. But I have everything I need to accomplish whatever God wants me to do. And remember, most of us are about as happy as we decide to be. Make those appointments. Deal with some letters or notes you need to write, take action, let go of stuff that is weighing you down. You can do it!

Have a day full of smiles, hugs, and love,



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