This weekend I began to compare Home Chef and Blue Apron with Home Fresh. I have used Home Fresh off and on over the last year and have occasionally had issues—an empty spice packet, late arrival (Not their fault—a snow storm happened), and some other minor problems but I did not like that the meats did not have a use by date and I wasn’t sure when the food would no longer be fresh.

The recipes and meals as well as the selections are great most every week and encourage me to use ingredients I am not familiar with. On Sunday I prepared a Creamy Shrimp Spaghetti that included a cheese popular in Europe called quark. The dish was delicious and easy to prepare. I will use the recipe again.

As to packaging—Home Fresh comes in boxes that take up a fair amount of space in my refrigerator—I don’t like that. Blue Apron’s ingredients were loose in the box with small items for each dish individually packed in small bags—I discovered while I was cooking that the broccoli was missing. The Home Chef items are packed in bags that are easier to store than the boxes. So my favor on this goes to Home Chef.

My favorite to this point in time is Home Chef. The first shipment came with a binder to store the recipes. The selection is the best and fresh fruit and breakfast items are available as well as some pricier gourmet meals for special occasions.

I will keep you posted as I try these programs. I have paused Home Fresh and Blue Apron for several weeks and will focus on Home Chef.


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